UK: FCA’s SDR: Firms and products in scope of the proposals

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority’s (“FCA“) recently published a Consultation Paper on the Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (“SDR”) and investment labels, aims to tackle greenwashing as part of the growing need for sustainability-related investments. The aim of SDR is to mitigate against firms making exaggerated and/or misleading claims about the level of sustainability of their products/services.

Following on from our recent print and keep guide about the proposed SDR, we’ve produced a one-page table which sets out the key information firms need to know about each of the proposals, as well as which firms and products will be affected.

Please click here to access the table.

In the coming weeks and months, look out for our deep-dive guides to each of the six proposals:

  1. Sustainable investment labels;
  2. Naming and marketing rules;
  3. Consumer facing disclosures;
  4. Product and entity level disclosures;
  5. Anti-greenwashing rule; and
  6. Distributors.

For more information on the implementation of UK SDR, Cleveland & Co External in-house counsel™, your specialist outsourced legal team, are here to help.

We continue to follow the SDR proposals closely, please click here to follow us on LinkedIn to receive the latest information on the SDR proposals and other important topics.



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