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Cleveland & Co External In-House Counsel™ offers a market-leading alternative to using external counsel, hiring a contractor or hiring a full-time in-house counsel. We’ve built a new model that offers our clients the best of both legal worlds. Our clients receive the service they expect from a full-time hire with the added advantage of a wide range of expertise that an external firm offers.

Our business model is to truly integrate as an extension of our client’s team, so we are “on the ground” working alongside our clients to move their business forward in real time. In addition, our firm is built on the premise of transparency, offering clients fixed fees and monthly retainers, at highly competitive rates. Our model puts our clients’ need for continuity first by building in resource redundancy to every project. We work on our clients’ timelines.

Our expertise and previous in-house experience allows us to work with a cross section of industry professionals, from portfolio managers through to CEOs, in EMEA, Asia Pacific and North America.

We support businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to established global organisations in the industry. As our clients’ business grows, the legal support we provide grows with them. From set up, hiring, seeking regulatory permissions and developing new products, right through to expansion, enhanced permissions, acquisitions and the streamlining of your day-to-day business, Cleveland & Co is setting the pace for a new way of doing business.


We provide all legal, compliance, regulatory, commercial, practical and strategic advice across a full range of business lines – for examples of what we cover click on the terms below.

Commission Sharing
Corporate & M&A
Derivatives Trading
Execution and Clearing
Hedge Funds
Real Estate
Templates & Research
Building Legal Teams
Company Secretarial
Corporate Restructuring
Finance & Lending
Pooled Pension Funds
Repurchase Transactions
Transition Management
Broker Agreements
Commercial Advice
Employment Advice
Financial Services Regulation
Listed Investment Companies
Private Equity
Securities Lending


We offer an oath administration service to our clients whereby we can verify one or more written statements of fact for you in the form of an affidavit.

Our fees are in line with those prescribed by the Commissioners for Oaths (Fees) Order 1993/2297 and are as follows:

– administering an oath in an affidavit or an affirmation or a statutory declaration – £5.
– each exhibit or schedule referred to in the affidavit/ affirmation/ statutory declaration, which is required to be marked – £2.

All fees are inclusive of VAT.

If you have any questions about oaths, affirmations and statutory declarations and when they are required, please do get in touch.


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