We typically offer two models:

1. fixed fee per piece of work/project; and
2. monthly retainer.


With this model, our fees are agreed with our clients up front on a case-by-case basis. This way there are never any surprises and we provide maximum transparency. The fee you pay for a particular piece of work will not change, no matter how long it takes. This service reflects full end to end (all drafting, negotiation, review, conference calls, liaising internally, emails etc. from instruction to execution), please get in touch for our rate card.


This model affords our clients on-tap support without them having to forecast what work is going to come through the door. It also means that clients can budget up front on a monthly basis, without increasing their overheads or incurring agents fees for placing a new recruit. The retainer hours can be used for all meetings, calls, advice, drafting, negotiation etc. (basically all the normal in-house legal functions). Please get in touch for our rate card.


Although we pride ourselves on having a simple and straightforward pricing model, we understand there will be times when our clients may need something tailor-made. In these cases we are very happy to provide you with a costing for something unique, for example, a one off project or if you would like us to design and run a bespoke course for your team.

Please contact us if you would like to hear more information about our fees.