Our Ethos

At Cleveland & Co, we pride ourselves in conducting our business with honesty and integrity, maintaining high technical standards that have been proven globally.

We are leaders, innovators and trail blazers who are passionate about the industry we work in and proud of the reputation we have built. The long term relationships we have with our clients are based on trust, having demonstrated that we are driven by their success and the positive impact we make on their business.

Our innovative business model isn’t the only thing that sets us apart. Cleveland & Co is passionate about diversity and inclusion and is a signatory of the Law Society’s Women in Law Pledge, highlighting our commitment to creating more gender equality in the industries we work in.

We believe in hiring and retaining professionals who embrace our ideals, working together to achieve the goals of our clients, the firm and each member of our team to develop them to their ultimate potential.

We are always looking for individuals who embrace Our Values.

  • Intelligence

    We are talented, smart and able. We have a wide range of knowledge and skills, both legal and from a business angle. We will always use our talent to be the best we can be to build trust amongst our clients and colleagues.
  • Partnership

    We are loyal, honest and people-focused. Our team is strong, supportive and reliable. We strive to create long-term relationships with our clients through our responsiveness and our ability to serve their needs and position ahead of everything else.
  • Drive

    We are positive, determined, agile and decisive. We are driven by success and believe in our abilities to succeed and have a positive impact on our clients, colleagues and the industry at large.

The Blue Heron is a representation of Cleveland & Co.’s values. Read more about the heron here. >>>

We take pride in our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. As an SRA-regulated firm, we are required to undertake a comprehensive firm-wide diversity assessment. The outcomes of our most recent assessment are available upon request.