Our People

Our team of pacesetting professionals is the key to supporting our client relationships and their continued success. We pride ourselves on being flexible, effective and efficient in determining our clients’ objectives and are driven by their success.

Why Choose Us

  • Responsiveness and deep understanding of our clients business that comes with an in-house legal team 
  • Scalability and broad range of expertise of an external law firm. 
  • Focused in the Investment Management Sector
  • Efficient ways to work with us that suit your business needs
  • Driven by our client’s success

Emma Cleveland

Expertise: Investment Management
Experience: 20+ years
Qualified: England & Wales, Ireland and New South Wales, Australia
Strengths: Leadership and vision
Values: Honesty above all else
Passions: Family and client success
Location: London, U.K. and Sydney, Australia

Legal Team

Leela Fair
Managing Director, EMEA

Expertise: Investment Management
Experience: 7 years
Qualified: England & Wales
Strengths: Determination and level-headed
Values: Drive and team work
Passions: Swimming and cooking
Location: London, U.K.

Helin Genc

Helin Genç


Expertise: Corporate Law
Experience: 3 years
Strengths: Resilience, adaptability and determination
Values: Loyalty, supporting others and communication
Passions: Travelling, creativity and the outdoors
Location: London, U.K.

Carol Dratovsky Goes


Expertise: Financial Services Regulation
Experience: 5 years
Qualified: Brazil
Strengths: Adaptable and hardworking
Values: Loyalty and communication
Passions: Reading and travelling
Location: London, U.K.

Andrew Goldstein
Managing Director, Asia-Pacific

Expertise: Financial Services
Experience: 25+ years
Qualified: New South Wales, Australia
Strengths: Legal problem solving and remedies, commercial and practical solutions
Values: Seek to understand first; then be understood, integrity and openness
Passions: Family, history and culture
Location: Sydney, Australia

Muskan Khadka

Muskan Khadka


Expertise: Corporate Law
Strengths: Adaptability and critical thinking
Values: Integrity, honesty and compassion
Passions: Picnics and Painting
Location: Sydney, Australia

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Argyro Leoutsea


Expertise: Capital Markets and Financial Services
Experience: 20+ years
Qualified: Greece
Strengths: Adaptable, hardworking and empathetic
Values: Loyalty and integrity
Passions: Family, friends and dancing
Location: London, U.K.

Antonia Manti


Expertise: Private Equity, Corporate Law and M&A
Experience: 1+ years
Qualified: Republic of Cyprus
Strengths: Drive, teamwork and legal problem solving
Values: Loyalty and integrity
Passions: Travelling, diving and writing
Location: London, U.K.

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Alibek Myrzaguzhin


Expertise: Corporate Law
Experience: 6 years
Strengths: Flexible and adaptable approach
Values: Work together and reimagine the possible
Passions: Football and travelling
Location: London, U.K.


Natália Fazano Novaes


Expertise: Financial Services, Sustainable Finance and Infrastructure
Experience: 10+ years
Qualified: Brazil
Strengths: Pragmatism and strategic thinking
Values: Respect and kindness
Passions: Family and sustainability
Location: London, U.K.

Merve Özbakır

Expertise: Banking & Finance, Corporate Law and M&A
Experience: 3 years
Qualified: Turkey
Strengths: Resilience, adaptability and problem solving
Values: Honesty, humour and communication
Passions: Travelling and painting
Location: London, U.K.

Amanda Quaine

Amanda Quaine
Head of Funds

Expertise: Investment Management
Experience: 22+ years
Qualified: England & Wales and Victoria, Australia
Strengths: Global and financial market interest
Values: Adventure, determination and humour
Passions: Travelling and the outdoors
Location: London, U.K.

Malika Rakhmanova


Expertise: Investment Management, Investment Dispute Resolution and International Commercial Law
Experience: 13 years
Qualified: Uzbekistan
Strengths: Negotiating and problem solving
Values: Honesty and family
Passions: History, architecture and travelling
Location: London, U.K.

Fiona Richardson
Head of Regulation

Expertise: Financial Services Regulation
Experience: 25+ years
Strengths: Detail oversight and strategy
Values: Pragmatism and adventure
Passions: Scuba diving and camping
Location: London, U.K.

Annaleisse Searle


Expertise: Corporate Law
Strengths: Hardwork and communication
Values: Teamwork and honesty
Passions: Reading and travelling
Location: Sydney, Australia

Kwan Mei Soh


Expertise: Investment Management and Real Estate
Experience: 14 years
Qualified: Singapore
Strengths: Global view and commercial acumen
Values: Spontaneity and family
Passions: Home improvements and gardening
Location: London, U.K.

Rebecca Solomon


Experience: Financial Services Regulation, Real Estate Finance and Banking & Finance
Experience: 3+ years
Strengths: Organisation skills
Values: Family and work/life balance
Passions: Travelling and cooking
Location: London, U.K.

Eric Tant


Expertise: Financial Regulation
Experience: 4 years
Qualified: New York
Strengths: Communicating and Presenting
Values: Consistency and Dependability
Passions: Learning and Growth
Location: London, U.K.

Screenshot 2022-08-09 at 16.34.52

Zara Todd


Expertise: Investment Management, Regulatory and Corporate Law
Experience: 2 years
Strengths: Attention to detail and creativity
Values: Family and honesty
Passions: Painting, interior design, travelling and animal rights
Location: London, U.K.


David Balchin
Chief Operating Officer

Expertise: Executive Management, Operations Leadership
Experience: 15+ years
Strengths: Pragmatic & Driven
Values: Integrity & Leadership
Passions: Family, gardening, shooting
Location: London, U.K.

Sonica Choudhary
Recruitment & HR Coordinator

Expertise: Human Resource Management
Experience: 10+ years
Strengths: Perseverance and Leadership
Values: Trust and Loyalty
Passions: Reading and spiritual growth.
Location: London, U.K.

Andrea Cole

Andrea Cole

Expertise: Accountancy and Finance
Experience: 25+ years
Strengths: Attention to detail and adaptability
Values: Family life and supporting loved ones
Passions: Cooking and family bike rides
Location: London, U.K.


Farzana Huq
Artificial Intelligence Analyst

Expertise: AI and Data Science
Experience: 7+ years
Strengths: Growth mindset and embracing change
Values: Empathy respect and commitment
Passions: Reading, writing poems, hiking and the natural world
Location: London, U.K.

Vicki McEwan
Director of Operations

Expertise: Operational Management
Experience: 15+ years
Strengths: Organisation and attention to detail
Values: Determination and supporting others
Passions: Live music and immersive theatre
Location: London, U.K.

Peter McKell
Australian Accountant, O’Donnell Hennessy Taylor

Expertise: Accountancy, Business Services and Tax
Experience: 15+ years
Strengths: Leadership, support and drive
Values: Family and work/life balance
Passions: IT and dinners with Gillian
Location: Sydney, Australia

Screenshot 2022-08-09 at 16.26.14

Christine Nguyen
Office Operations Assistant

Expertise : Office Administration, Personal Assistant
Experience : 4 years
Strengths: Supportive, Creative and Flexible
Values: Authentic, Respectful and Humble
Passions: Baking, writing and selfcare.
Location: London, U.K

Mirelle Ridder
Business Services Manager

Expertise: Executive Assistance and Office Management
Experience: 20+ years
Strengths: Resourcefulness, perseverance and calmness
Values: Open communication and collaboration
Passions: Family, restaurants and entertainment
Location: Sydney, Australia

Vicki Smith

Victoria Smith
Head of Marketing

Expertise: Marketing Communications
Experience: 15+ years
Strengths: Attention to detail and loyalty
Values: Family, health and work/life balance
Passions: Family, cooking and spending time in the garden
Location: London, U.K.


Alejandro Alemany

: Derivatives and Trading, Investment Management and Commercial Law
Experience: 15+ years
Qualified: England & Wales and Spain
Strengths: Commercial acumen and problem-solving
Values: Honesty and loyalty
Passions: Family, playing guitar, motorcycling and table tennis.
Location:  London, U.K. and Barcelona, Spain

Anna Lees

Expertise: Employment Law
Experience: 15+ years
Qualified: England & Wales
Strengths: Employment tribunal advice
Values: Equally hard work and fun
Passions: Netball and walking her dog
Location: London, U.K.

Andrea Paxton

Expertise: Employment Law
Experience: 16+ years
Qualified: England & Wales
Strengths: Instilling client confidence
Values: Kindness, family and humour
Passions: Hockey, quality family time
Location: London, U.K.

Board Advisor

Warren Mead

Expertise: Strategy, Governance, Transactions, Operations and Finance
Experience: 25+ years
Strengths: Problem solving, strategic thinking and communication
Values: Integrity, Kindness and Resilience
Passions: Striving to be a decent dad, travel and theatre
Location:  London, U.K.


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