On 11 July 2022, the Australian Securities Investments Commission (‘‘ASIC’’) published the ‘January-June 2022 consolidated regulatory document updated tables’, illustrating the changes made to the Regulatory Guides (“RGs”) from January 2022 to June 2022. The RGs have been reissued by ASIC which relate to (1) the Corporate Collective Investment Vehicles (“CCIVs”) and (2) the general Australian Financial Services (‘‘AFS’’) licence and breach reporting…

next steps

It is important for entities to reflect and incorporate the new guidance as appropriate, and it is recommended that companies’ directors seek assistance from ASIC to comply with their licence obligations. Finally, entities should note that ASIC will continue to assess and monitor whether other RGs will need to be amended to reflect the CCIV regime, and therefore, it is suggested that entities remain vigilant about possible changes.

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