The Investment Association (the “IA”) have recently published their annual asset management survey for 2017-2018 (the “Survey”), which is now in its sixteenth year.

The survey captures asset management undertaken by members of the IA on behalf of domestic and overseas clients.

The Survey has found that the total assets managed in the UK by the IA’s members has increased by 11% during 2017, ending the year at a record £7.7 trillion. The UK remains the largest centre of asset management outside of the United States; further, the UK is the largest centre of asset management in Europe, where it accounts for 35% of all assets under management. UK asset managers manage £3.1 trillion for overseas clients, which translates to earnings representing 6% of net services exports.


We will be following up with a newsletter in due course which will look at the key findings of the Survey.

In the meantime, if you would like to view the Survey, please click here.

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