For over two years Cleveland Ventures has served as an innovator in both a fast developing legal profession and in the provision of investment management-related courses. Our exceptional quality of service, combined with our team’s broad experience, has helped us to build a reputation that is highly regarded in the investment management and legal industries. It is for this reason that we are excited to announce the next step in Cleveland Ventures’ development – our rebranding. As an expanding business we understand how important a brand is not only for our business but also for our clients. We believe that this step will serve to symbolise our growth and to reaffirm our position in the legal profession.

After careful consideration we have decided to reposition the firm as Cleveland & Co and will also be introducing the Cleveland & Co Blue Heron. The Blue Heron is often attributed with intelligence, versatility, partnership, resourcefulness, determination, calmness and grace. We believe that the symbolism of this elegant bird reflects both our professional and personal values and serves as a worthy representative of our business. Our new brand represents the path we have travelled to get to our current position, our stand out quality of service and our readiness to soar to new heights.

We are excited about the new vision for our business, and Cleveland & Co looks forward to working with you in our future.

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