We are hugely proud of our diverse firm and our commitment to drive change in the legal sector, so we are thrilled to announce we’ve joined the Law Council of Australia’s Diversity and Equality Charter.

Here are some diversity statistics about our 30 strong global team:

24 nationalities

77% women

73% of our senior roles are held by women

16% are working mums

28% have flexible working arrangements

13% are people of colour

To put our statistics into perspective, in Australia, the Financial Review recently found that women make up just 31% of the partnership in law firms. In the UK, the statistics are even grimmer; according to a recent data project conducted by the Financial Times, women are still sorely under-represented at the highest levels of legal industry. They found that on average, in law firms they sampled, women make up just 19% of the equity partnership. Cleveland & Co are miles ahead in the advancement of women to the top of business.

We value employees as a whole person and on the contribution they make to the firm, not where they went to university or who they know. As part of this, we offer zero hour contracts, reduced working hours, agile and home working, as we recognise that to attract and retain the best talent, you need to look beyond the ‘9 to 5’.

This year, all of our promotions offered were to women, half of which enjoy a flexible working arrangement, evidence that being a working mum or taking a career break does not inhibit career progression at Cleveland & Co!

We are recognised for our diversity and were recently highly commended at the Women in Investment Awards in gender diversity and have been shortlisted this year for a Diversity & Inclusion award at the Modern Law Awards.

Our journey to change the face of law and financial services continues…

Please click here to learn more about the Charter.