In June 2023, the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation, and Technology unveiled the “A pro-innovation approach to AI regulation” policy paper. This paper emphasises the role of AI in bolstering the UK economy through innovation. However, it also acknowledges the emergence of new risks like privacy violations and potential threats to human rights and national security. The strategies outlined in the Policy Paper aim to promote growth by reducing regulatory uncertainty, fostering innovation, enhancing public trust in AI, and strengthening the UK’s global leadership in this domain.

The government’s approach to AI regulation follows a principles-based framework, offering regulators a flexible set of guidelines to interpret and apply to AI within their respective domains. We’ve crafted a concise one-page guide outlining the four key elements that the framework is built around. By adhering to these four key elements, regulators can navigate the complexities of AI regulation, fostering responsible innovation while safeguarding societal values and interests.

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