Natalie is another of our fantastic interns who has sadly come to the end of her internship with us. Natalie has ably assisted our legal team for the last 6 weeks and impressed the whole firm with her presentation skills! Natalie is soon to return to the States, and so before she left Cleveland & Co, we sat down to ask her a few questions about her experiences as an intern with us.

How would you describe this internship?

I would say it was a way to experience the workplace environment in a variety of ways. I learned many new things and felt a part of the office family.

Tell us about any new skills or knowledge you gained during your internship

I learned a lot about private equity, developed my research skills, and worked on writing succinct, informative articles.

What did a typical day look like?

I would work on a variety of tasks. Often, I prepared short note sheets for future business development meetings. I also helped work on the 2022 newsletter of memorable cases. I would also often draft articles and assist with researching article topics.

What was the most rewarding thing about this internship and working at Cleveland & Co?

The most rewarding thing was creating some work that I am really proud of. I can now look at all the tasks I completed and appreciate all the effort I put in to create some great results.

Has this internship provided you with the knowledge and skills required in the next step of your career path and how?

Before this internship, I knew I was interested in a career in law. However, I had little experience with financial law. This internship exposed me to a lot of interesting and new material that showed me what a career in financial law could be. I am now adding it to my list of interests once I pursue my law degree.

How would you define our company culture?

I would describe the company culture as collaborative, innovative, and familial.

Would you recommend this internship to others?

Yes! I found it to be a great opportunity.

What are you next career steps and how can we help you achieve success?

I hope to attend law school in the US. I still haven’t decided which area of law I would like to practice.

What was a time that you felt proud during your internship?

I felt proud during my internship when I presented my research findings in a team meeting and was praised afterward for speaking very clearly and professionally.

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