To get to know Leela a little bit more we asked her some quick fire questions:

 1.     What do you like most about working at Cleveland & Co? 

There are so many things – the team, great clients, and being able to wear comfy clothes every day!

2.     What has been your proudest moment/achievement at Cleveland & Co?

Qualifying alongside Sarah!!

3.     Favourite spot in London? And why? 

I recently discovered a cafe in Vauxhall called “Italo” – they have awesome Italian inspired food, the building has a really interesting history and was essentially acquired by squatters and the owner is always casually playing on his violin, just really good vibes over there!

4.     Where would you like to be professionally in the next 3 years? 

Potentially qualified in another jurisdiction and helping C&Co set up hubs in other jurisdictions!

5.    Marmite? Love or Hate? 

I really don’t like Marmite but I do like twiglets…!

6.    What’s it like to be a woman in the legal sector? 

I think my experience of the legal sector has been unique because i’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by incredible and ambitious women from all walks of life, on a daily basis, which is definitely not an experience held by a lot of women in the legal sector. I’m very privileged in that respect.

7.    Who is your role model?

I don’t have a specific role model – I honestly take inspiration/learn from so many people that I surround myself with, whether that be colleagues, friends, family or mentors. Being able to get loads of different perspectives about anything and everything is really important to me.

8.    Cats or Dogs? 

Easy. Dogs every time!