To get to know Kwan Mei a little bit more we asked her some quick fire questions:

1. Favourite spot in London and why?

The various parks and forests – being out in the open rejuvenates me!

2. Where is your favourite place to travel to?

Less ‘glossy’ and culturally rich spots. Previously visited places which I really enjoyed are Morocco, Nepal, Indonesia, East Turkey and Georgia. Greece and Canada are also forever-favourites for the fond memories and the warmth and friendliness of people I met there on longer stays in my younger days!

3. Favourite food?

Street food from Southeast Asia (where I hail from)!

4. What is your favourite book to read?

When I had time to read (before work and especially before the kids arrived), I used to go on thematic or author-based ‘binges’ based on interest or simply enjoying the writing style of an author. These included reading most of the books written by Nikos Kazantzakis, Louis DeBernieres, Vikram Seth (also love BBC’s production of VS’ “A Suitable Boy”) and William Dalrymple (nothing like travel history for a backpacker-at-heart who does not like formal history tomes!).