In 2022, the UK ICO released topic-specific guidance on employee monitoring. The guidance was published in draft form and is open to consultation until 11 January 2023. The ICO reviewed the Employment Practices Data Protection Code to reflect changes in the workplace and technological advances. The purpose of the guidance is to inform employers how they can comply with the UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.  Specifically, the guidance aims to provide regulatory certainty, protect workers’ data rights, help employers build trust with workers, customers, and service users and assist employers on how to balance their own interests with the workers’ rights in relation to their personal data…

next steps for firms

The guidance means that firms may have to update their employment handbooks and contracts. We can advise you on the best approach and assist with any queries on the guidance’s new requirements.

The guidance remains open for consultation. There are two online input forms available until 11 January 2023, which can be accessed here and here.

To access the ICO guidance, click here.

For more information or advice on the changing employee monitoring guidance, or for support in forming or updating employment handbooks or employment contracts, Cleveland & Co External in-house counsel™, your specialist outsourced legal team, are here to help.

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