Derivatives Trading

Our lawyers have extensive experience in advising firms in their trading derivatives activities and have often had experience working both in the sell and the buy side, therefore understanding well the legal and commercial issues behind the two sides of the spectrum.

We can assist with the negotiation and drafting of all types of Master Agreements and provide advice on all types of derivatives and trading matters, such as:

  • ISDA Master Agreements (all versions);
  • Credit Support documentation (CSA and/or bespoke, single transaction-based arrangements);
  • Confirmations of different products: IRS, TRS, FFX, etc.;
  • Novations;
  • Tri-party collateral segregation structures;
  • Industry-wide standard protocols;
  • Implementation / re-papering of derivatives regulations and market practices;
  • Collateral management arrangements;
  • EMIR reporting documentation;
  • Implementation and drafting of negotiation policies and guidelines;
  • General BAU advice (counterparty default, close-out, waivers, etc.); and
  • Litigation & dispute resolution in derivatives transactions

We can also help you set up a derivatives legal practice in-house where your firm does not have the right expertise or workforce.