The Blue Heron

We chose the Blue Heron to represent our brand for a number of reasons. The Blue Heron is often attributed with intelligence, versatility, partnership, resourcefulness, determination, calmness and grace. We believe that the symbolism of this elegant bird reflects both our professional and personal values and serves as a worthy representative of our business. The Blue Heron also represents our readiness to soar new heights while keeping our values and our culture at our core along the way.

Blue Herons are inquisitive and curious, a quality that represents our intelligence and unique way of approaching the market.


In Native American culture, the Blue Heron is said to have innate wisdom to manoeuvre through life and create their own circumstances.  This speaks to our success-driven culture.


The bird’s thin legs root deep into the ground and represent a unique way to ground an otherwise top heavy body. This represents our ability to adapt and work in unique and efficient ways for our clients.