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Having grown from a start-up ourselves we are able to understand the needs of a business that’s taking off, and even more so, we understand the importance of having the right advice and agreements in place along the way.” Emma Cleveland, Managing Director, Cleveland & Co

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Small businesses often face various legal hurdles in regards to their shareholders agreements, employment agreements, term sheets and even their website terms of use. All of this can become overwhelming and can result in extortionate legal expenditure. Cleveland & Co’s flat fee price model and template agreement menu enables businesses to avoid prohibitive costs, whilst still receiving the highest quality legal services. We can help you grow the right way!

Is your website legal?

Under UK law, all websites of registered companies must have certain disclosures and documentation in place, this includes privacy policies and terms of use. Do you have this in place already? If not, we’ve got you covered.

Do you sell products or provide a service?

Either on your website or in practice, this is one of the most important agreements you will ever have to deal with in regards to your business. It governs the terms on which you sell your product (be it a service or a good) and we can provide you with the right template to make sure that your interests are protected.

Are you protecting your sensitive information?

Most start-ups and small businesses don’t pay enough attention to the value of their sensitive data when contracting or negotiating with other businesses. By signing a Non Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”) prior to any discussions and formal negotiations, you can ensure that your company is well protected. Our NDA template is drafted to cover you from head to toe at a price that is affordable to all businesses.

Are you protecting your intellectual property?

In the course of their business most companies are regularly exposing their intellectual property, something which can often be abused or misused. We can help you ensure that all your logos, designs and any other pieces of intellectual property are sufficiently protected throughout the course of your business.

Are you getting the legal support you deserve?

We have assisted many small businesses and commercial clients, from sectors as varied as building companies to suit retailers, and helped them achieve their goals. We want to do the same for your business: help it to grow and reach its true potential!

All templates are not created equally!

A quick Google search for “non-disclosure agreement template”, “confidentiality agreement template” or even “NDA template” will give you a huge amount of options, some may even be free ‘do it yourself’ templates, so why should you pay for our one? If you don’t have much to lose the DIY approach might work, but how do you know which NDA you need? short form, long form, mutual? Can you be confident that it is legally binding? The chances are if you use a free or cheaper template, you will end up needing legal advice anyway to complete it, which could cost you more in the long run. By purchasing a C&Co template you can be confident that we have you and your business covered. You will have an upfront price from the very start and our template guides tell you everything you need to know about how to complete your template.

The most valuable assets your business has are its secrets and the legal foundation upon which it provides its product, don’t risk your most valuable assets on inferior documentation.

Template agreements

In order to help you manage your business most efficiently and at the best possible price, we offer a wide range of template agreements and accompanying guidance and drafting notes. This enables your business to take control of your legal function without breaking the bank. The attached brochure gives you full details (including prices) of all the templates you will need. To see our full range of contractual templates please visit

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To find out more about how we can help your business please email Leela Fair at

“Cleveland & Co is a highly knowledgeable and reputable legal firm. They were able to quickly compose the terms of use and supply specifically tailored for our new company website. They were also very helpful in writing a non-disclosure agreement for us. They are a supportive team that perform tasks in a very timely manner and have excellent customer service. I would highly recommend this firm.”

Quoc Pham, Managing Director, Quoc Pham


“Cleveland & Co’s advice and knowledge is second to none. I could have used a free template, however the template they provided was great value, high quality and thorough. It was easy to use and the team were always on hand to offer legal support and advice which was included in the price and gave me peace of mind. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again and recommend to others.”

Dan Mackie, Director, Believe Collective


“We purchased a template agreement from C&Co and we received a lot more than we expected. Not only did we get the draft agreement, but we also got their expertise and pragmatism – they really understood the commercial issues at hand, the team took time to understand our exact requirements and they went to great lengths to achieve them. We were very impressed with the amount of time and work that the team provided along side the agreement.” 

Suresh Ramakrishnan, Director, Whitcomb & Shaftsbury 


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