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Q. What will I learn from the course?

Our focus is to ensure that delegates leave each course with commercial and practical tips that they can use to improve their working practices and enhance client satisfaction. Each course covers a different topic that is detailed on each course page of this website. Please click here for further information.

Q. Who should attend the courses?

Our courses are suitable for those working in investment management, whether you are in legal, compliance or the business side of your company.

Our advanced courses are suitable for lawyers or those who draft and negotiate the agreements.

We aim to have a balance of attendees, from Private Practice and In-House, at each of our courses so that attendees can learn from both sides of a typical negotiation.

Q. Who facilitates the courses?

Emma Cleveland facilitates the courses. Emma is a highly-technical and skilled professional and trainer who has extensive experience of the investment management industry, having practised as a solicitor for many years for firms such as AIG, Threadneedle, Russell Investments and Aviva Investors. Emma was also appointed to the Investment Association’s (IA) Technical Committee in 2010 with the task to rewrite the IA’s Industry Model Discretionary Management Agreement.

Q: How much does the course cost?

The course cost is listed on each course page of our website, please click here for further information. The fee includes:

  • specialist expert presenters with extensive commercial experience in the industry;
  • guaranteed small group size to facilitate interactive learning;
  • your own personal bible of materials containing course slides and supporting reference documentations;
  • being watered and fed all throughout the day; and
  • a first class Conference facility on the Thames with lots of natural light and access to outdoor areas.

Q: How long is the course?

Our courses may be held over an hour, a half day (9am to 12:30pm or 1:30 to 5pm), or a whole day (9am to 5pm), or two whole days (9am to 5pm), depending on the course content.

Q: Where is the course being held?

London Bridge Conference Centre, Southwark Cathedral

If it’s good enough for the Queen, it’s good enough for us!

Q: Is it possible to attend the course by webcam/online meeting?

Yes, we can make all the necessary arrangements for you to attend virtually, so feel free to enquire about this option.

Q: Instead of attending the course, may I choose to merely receive the course material?

The course materials are available for purchase and the price is as specified on each course page of our website. Postage to the UK is £12, and to other locations may be arranged through us.

Q: Does the course count towards CPD points?

Yes, each course has nominated CPD points (ranging from 1 to 14) which you are able to claim towards your yearly requirements.

Q: How many people attend the course?

Our courses are boutique and are specifically designed to encourage interactive learning and discussion. In our experience, the most value is gained from courses where the number of delegates is limited to a small group, so no more than 10 attendees. In this way everyone gets ample opportunity to ask any and all questions they may have.

Q: What does the course cover?

Each course covers a different topic that is detailed on each course page of this website. Please click here for further information.