Mastering IMA Negotiations

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This advanced specialist course equips delegates with an invaluable understanding of how to negotiate each clause of an investment management agreement.  The course covers current principles of negotiation and develops the practical skills of the delegate through a series of workshops. Participation throughout the sessions is encouraged, giving the delegate an improved negotiation technique.

The course material is specifically designed to help delegates achieve maximum effectiveness quickly, by equipping you with the tools, knowledge and attitudes you will need to negotiate investment management agreements.

The topics of this course will include:

  1. Negotiation tools and techniques;
  2. Anticipating the arguments on both sides;
  3. Understanding your counter party’s concern; and
  4. Review of the highly negotiated clauses.

This is an advanced course suitable for those senior investment management professionals and lawyers who have an expert knowledge of investment management agreements, but would like to drive their negotiation skills to that same level!

If you would like to attend, but cannot travel to our venue, we are happy to offer you virtual attendance or you may purchase the course materials, so do get in touch!






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Mastering IMA Negotiations Cover




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