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We typically offer two models:

  1. Fixed fee per piece of work/project; and
  2. Monthly retainer.


We offer our clients affordability and certainty of cost, by charging flat rate fees for work undertaken. Our fees are agreed with our clients up front on a case by case, this way there are never any surprises and we provide maximum transparency.

For example, we charge one flat fee per investment management agreement negotiated or project completed, from beginning to end, no matter how long it takes.


This model affords our clients on tap support for what ever matters come up during a given month, giving them the capacity to focus on what they do best, without them having to forecast what work is going to come through the door. It also means that clients can budget up front on a monthly basis, without increasing their overheads or incurring agents fees for placing a new recruit.

We can adjust the minimum retainer based on your requirements, however, we offer retainer hours in increments of 10 hours. The retainer hours can be used for all meetings, calls, advice, drafting, negotiation etc (basically all the normal in-house functions). We also offer top up hours in increments of 10 hours if you run over in your retainer in a given month.  We track our time and send clients a time allocation split at the end of each month. We can complete a lot of work within the retainer hours given our specialist experience. For example, we covered the work of 2 full time team members on leave in Q4 last year and we only logged 60 hours.


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